Last saturday I did a photoshoot with . The theme of the photoshoot was Black & White and classic, tough and a little mysterious. I really love the results of the shoot and my personal… View Post


Hi guys! Recently I went to Paris with my mom and I made a short video of our trip. In the video you will see some of my favorite places in Paris. Enjoy and don’t… View Post

Fitness: Supplements I use

Hi guys! Todays blogpost is a bit different than my normal blogposts, but I hope you like it. I am showing you supplements which I use for fitness. I go to the gym 5 times… View Post

Proteïn / Oatmeal Pancakes

Hi guys! Today I am going to talk to you about how to make these healthy proteïn/oatmeal pancakes. They are so yummy and it’s perfect to eat as a breakfast/lunch. Also they are very easy to… View Post

INSPIRATION: Workout Clothes

Hi guys! I love working out and next week I am going to start a new work out program. So it’s time for some new workout clothes, because what motivates better than new workout clothes… View Post


Hi guys! Today I am showing you 10 of my favorite instagram accounts, I am addicted to Instagram and I have many many favorite instagram accounts but I decided to show you 10 of them… View Post


Hi guys! Maybe it’s a little late, but I still wanted to do a Back to School blogpost for you. I am going to give you some tips which I are helpful for me and I… View Post

Je eigen agenda maken bij

Ik heb afgelopen week mijn agenda ontvangen van Webprint is een site waar je onder andere foto’s kunt laten afdrukken, foto albums en kaarten kunt laten maken en nog veel meer. Ik mocht een… View Post